Thursday 10 January 2013


Shades, proven to be one of the most popular accessories among fashionistas and of course celebrities around the world. Not to mention that they are becoming our best friend when it comes to lazy make up days, am I right?

Anyway, if you happen to look for those fashionable yet affordable shades or sunglasses like above, you can visit this webstore called DEF SHOP. It is one of Europe's largest online shop for streetwear and lifestyle with over 200 brands and FYI, they only carry original brands in their shop (of course with cheaper price - starts from € 9,99)!! So yes, you can find varieties of sunglasses, glasses, frames and other things that maybe you've been looking for ;)

Have fun shopping!!


  1. im really into panda shades..
    i called them panda shades:D

    great blog

  2. i love shades!! xD

  3. shades are just perfect!!!

  4. I'm pretty sure that these arent only for fashionistas! :D

    I hope they ship to Asia!

    hope you have some time to check mine, and look if it's followable? :)
    READ 'isle of view' 3 TIMES.

    see you there? x


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