Friday 4 May 2012

Bags Galore on Eranzi

Have you ever thought that designers’ bags are too difficult to find or too pricy in Indonesia? Oh yes, I know how it feels like. But guess what? Ever since I found this online boutique Eranzi, voila, problems solved. Balenciaga, Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and more are all here on Eranzi!

For those of you who are not familiar with this website, here is some information for you. Based in Malaysia, Eranzi is a luxury online boutique which works with authorized distributors in Europe and at the same time, wholesale to various countries. Eranzi offers a variety of the most sought after brands at a fraction of a retail price. Yes, you read it right; all of their products are always on special price. You can now afford a designer handbag at a much more affordable price!
“All our items are 100% genuine. You don't need to fret about quality and you can rest assured that all items come with their original tags or certificates of authentication.”

For this upcoming Mother’s day, Eranzi offers some crazy sales which feature:

Prada & Ferragamo LLG = 15% 
Prada & Ferragamo Wallets = RM100
Gucci LLG = RM200 Gucci Wallets = RM100
Burberry LLG & Wallets = RM100

And some other best deals:

ONLY FOR IDR 4,375,635
(retail price IDR 5,393,788)

 ONLY FOR IDR 6,057,420
(retail price IDR 6,818,006)

 ONLY FOR IDR 6,663,465
(retail price IDR 7,560,411)

ONLY FOR IDR 3,499,910
(retail price IDR 4,833,209)

(retail price MYR 2,999)

(retail price MYR 2,399)

Yes, Eranzi will make sure you're one of the first to have that next season’s bag before it hits the stores!

And the most important thing is, Eranzi currently offers FREE SHIPPING to all Southeast Asia countries for a limited time.  So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Eranzi now and get to know the special prices of your favourite branded bags!

And this is why I love online shopping ;)

For my readers (girls only), here’s the treat for you girls, get RM 50 voucher to shop on Eranzi using code : anzindo50vch (applicable only for normal price merchandise).

 Like Eranzi on facebook and you’ll get an extra RM 25 voucher.

Enjoy the treat until 31st October 2012! ;)


 P.S: No import duties and taxes when purchasing on Eranzi too! What you pay is
the final amount. Not only this, your items will be nicely wrapped in Eranzi's signature
black box with a nice ribbon.

Happy shopping =)


  1. These bags are way to expensive for me but they are gorgeous! A girl is allowed to dream (:

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  3. thanks for letting me know! I think I will buy there soon! so in love with gucci's tote bag!

  4. hwoaaa thanks for the heads up!!!

  5. awsome bags : DDD

  6. woah? is it true that no more extra import duties and taxes when it arrived at indonesia?
    because the last time I ordered from a website which located outside indonesia, I had to pay the import duties and taxes and it cost higher than the price of the accessories I bought :(

  7. this is lovely :)

  8. Looks like a lovely website!

  9. wow, but they're still in expensive prices :( but well, I've to tell it to my mom haha :D thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice bag

  11. great blog ;)

    what about following each other?

  12. cool collection !


  13. woaaah they sell the bag at a cheaper price, nice info and recommendation ci! ;)

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  15. These bags are so lovely. I love to have one for myself.
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