Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The mono world

Some of my favourite B&W editorial and portraiture shots by Nicoline.

source: NPM

I bet you've already heard and known this young and talented fashion photographer, Nicoline Patricia Malina. Been a big fan of her phenomenal black and white works for a long time, and she is indeed the best in this business, don't you think so? Not to mention that she have never fail to impress me with her amazing shots too.

Check out more of her amazing works here. ;)


  1. The look amazing inspiring. I love the 2nd photo best.


  2. The photos are gorgeous.My favorite is the fourth one :)

  3. cool pictures! <3 inspiring :)


  4. wow, those are beautufil pictures!

  5. gorgeous photos! love every single one!

  6. the first one is so beautiful!!wow love it:) xx

  7. these pictures ar gorgeous. lpve it :D

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